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  • Waldmeister


    Slightly sour fruit candy with natural woodruff extract.
    CA$3.49 for 100g
  • Mulled Wine Sugar Free

    Mulled Wine Sugar Free

    Non-alcoholic mulled wine candies with robust flavor of cinnamon and vanilla. Sugar-free version of the Mulled Wine Candies.
    CA$4.29 for 100g
  • Assorted Ocean Mix

    Assorted Ocean Mix

    Assorted Ocean Mix - German marshmallows with fruity flavors
    CA$3.81 for 80g (CA$4.76 per 100g)
  • White Mice- Vanilla Marshmallows

    White Mice- Vanilla Marshmallows

    White Mice- Vanilla Marshmallows - All Natural ingredients, chewy German marshmallows.
    CA$4.99 for 150g (CA$3.33 per 100g)
  • Cough Candy

    Cough Candy

    Medium strength throat candies, with a slight note of peppermint and honey.
    CA$3.69 for 100g
  • Sage Drops

    Sage Drops

    Throat candies with high quality natural sage oil.
    CA$3.69 for 100g
  • Mulled Wine

    Mulled Wine

    Non-alcoholic mulled wine candies with intense flavor, slightly tart. Best selling product of the producer.
    CA$3.69 for 100g
  • Assorted Fruit

    Assorted Fruit

    Refreshingly tart candies, with the taste of sun-ripened fruit, from strawberries, raspberries, oranges, lemons and sweet woodruff.
    CA$3.49 for 100g
  • Little Fruities

    Little Fruities

    Refreshingly tart fruit candy, with orange, plum, raspberry and woodruff flavor.
    CA$3.49 for 100g
  • Tropical Fruit

    Tropical Fruit

    Refreshing, tart fruit candy flavored with exotic fruits. Tastes like passion fruit and peaches.
    CA$3.49 for 100g
  • Raspberry Candy

    Raspberry Candy

    Fruity-sweet candy from natural raspberry flavor, slightly sour.
    CA$3.49 for 100g
  • Fizz Candy

    Fizz Candy

    Fruit candies with orange, peach, sweet woodruff and lemon, light tingle on the tongue.
    CA$3.49 for 100g
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